Data Analytics in Nova Scotia

The Collaboration for Analytics Research, Education and Technology (CARET), is an organization dedicated to data analytics and developing talent in Nova Scotia. Caret has four key areas of involvement: technology infrastructure, curriculum development and delivery, research and development, and communications. With investment from IBM, as well as member organizations, CARET has worked to create new data analytics jobs in Nova Scotia, as well as creating new academic programs at Acadia University, Saint Mary’s University, and Nova Scotia Community College.

The Big Data Alliance of Nova Scotia (BDANS), is responsible for working with industry to promote innovation and growth in Nova Scotia. The group is behind Big Data Congress Halifax and Education Day, an event to involve high school students with data analytics in Atlantic Canada.

You can check out the map below for locations where data analytics and machine learning are going on in Atlantic Canada.  If you want to put your company on the map contact us at



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