Data Analytics Pilot Advisory Support Program

Program Overview 

The Acadia Institute for Data Analytics (AIDA) will provide expertise on data science to new start-ups and ventures in Atlantic Canada. Services to industry may include one or more of the following: 

  • Pre-project data science consulting and problem investigation 
  • Data science and business advice and mentoring for start-ups 
  • Activities included in the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) methodology (business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, modeling, evaluation, and deployment) 
  • Project leadership and guidance
  • On-the-job training to transfer knowledge and capacity within companies 


Project Funding Streams 

Stream 1 

<= $1,000.00 

No cash contribution required 

Stream 2 

$1,001.00 - $5,000.00

Requires a cash contribution of 10% of total project cost*  

Stream 3 

$5,001.00 - $35,000.00 

Requires a cash contribution of 25% of total project cost*  


Application Process  

The Data Analytics Pilot Advisory Program (DAPAS) project Application will be completed by the client and an AIDA researcher. The Application will include a short description of the project, anticipated timelines and budget.  AIDA will then submit the application to the funding partner for review, and a decision will be communicated within 10 business days. Following completion of a Service Agreement, the project can begin. 

* Project funding received by the client must be incremental to other funding programs and previous project activities. A minimum of 10% must come from a non-government source. In-kind supports are not eligible to be recognized as a cash contribution by the client. All applications are completed with the support of Acadia University’s Office of Industry and Community Engagement: 


How to Get Started  

Wondering how to get started? To begin an engagement with AIDA, submit a project/opportunity to AIDA via the Online Form. Your proposed project/opportunity will be reviewed internally and the best route forward will be determined.