The Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS)

The CHMS is a Statistics Canada survey that has collected direct physical measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, and blood, urine and DNA samples in a mobile clinic since 2007. Each two-year cycle of the survey collects health information from a nationally representative sample population of about 5,700 Canadians between the ages of 3 and 79 years.

Non-confidential documentation related to the survey is available at university libraries through the Data Liberation Initiative program. Researchers interested in accessing CHMS data files at one of 26 universities across Canada can submit an application to theResearch Data Centres (RDC) Program.

CHMS data allows researchers and policy makers to provide a portrait of the health of Canadians, and to produce important health indicators concerning obesity, nutrition, physical activity, cardiovascular disease and exposure to environmental contaminants. The CHMS bibliography provides a summary of the data that have become available since the survey began.

Blood, urine and DNA samples are available to researchers whose projects meet certain Biobank conditions. For more information related to the biobank, please contact the biobank coordinator at