Ocean of Data Challenge


The Ocean Frontier Institute, Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) and DeepSense invite you to the free, one-week long Ocean of Data Challenge: Coastal Communities and Climate Change!  Join us for a chance to explore data and share ideas that could help millions!

Halifax Port Authority, PSA Halifax, COVE and DeepSense are hosting the third Ocean Data Challenge: One Port City. This free event will kick off on Monday, May 2nd at 4pm ADT

And participants will have two weeks to imagine new ways to drive port efficiency and sustainability and to help us better understand and communicate the benefits of being a single container terminal operator port. On Monday, May 16 participants submit a video presentation with their idea to info@deepsense.ca, and the winners are announced on Friday, May 20th.

This challenge is a fantastic way to show off your design, programming, data crunching, communication or other skills. Not to mention more than $2,000 in prizes! Get more info and register today: https://bit.ly/OceanOfData3

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