Mining and Visualizing Social Network Data

Speaker: Phil Renaud & Ali Daniyal

On November 14, in front of a good crowd, Phil Renaud and Ali Daniyal put on display what one of Canada's most promosing tech startups, Affinio, is up to and the cool things they are doing with social network data.

Affinio's goal is to find the tribes within any social audience and provide strategists with the deep psychographic insights they need to immerse themselves in the culture of each niche community. To do this, with their award winning technology is redefining the social insights category by leveraging an entirely new data source - the social graph.The talk was broken into two main segments, the first part was mostly technical being led by Ali and the second part was a quick run through by Phil of what tools are out there for data visualizations and the basic things you can do with them. Affinio is a group of data scientists, developers, and designers who are building the next generation of social affinity profiling out of Bedford. 


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