Data Anayltics for the Wine & Fruit Growing Industries Seminar

March 29, 2014 (8:30 am - 1:00 pm)



Date: March 29th, 2014
Time: 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Acadia University, Clark Commons

Please see the following map for direction to the venue.  Parking is available along Crowell Drive, the Student Union Building, or Wheelock parking areas at either meter or non-metered spots (no tickets are normally issued on Saturdays at Acadia). 

Information about speakers and topics can be found here.

• To define/clarify data analytics and why it is important to the wine and fruit growing industry phases (inputs, horticulture, production, processing, distribution, marketing, consumption) 
• To provide a forum for invited speakers, testimonials and debate/discussion
• To provide an opportunity for attendees to network and ask questions
• To engage one or two new organizations in data analytic pilot projects

8:30 am – Registration/Networking – Light Breakfast
9:00 am – Welcome and Introduction
9:10 am – 4 x 10 minute short talks (domain practitioners/testimonials)
10:00 am – Keynote speaker 
10:45 am – Coffee, displays and networking
11:15 am – Panel discussion - data analytics for the wine and fruit growing sector
12:00 pm – Lunch/Networking

Short Talks:
David Colville (Research Scientist with the Applied Geomatics Research Group at NSCC) - What Will Grow
    Where? : Mapping the Meteorological Landscape of Southwestern Nova Scotia

Angus Ells (Manager of carrot operations for Bragg Lumber of Oxford Foods) - Developing a QGIS-based pest 
    monitoring system for wild blueberries

Colin Bell (Windermere Hills Farm & Vineyard owner/operator) - Grape Crown Gall in N.S.
Sean Myles (Dalhousie University) - Data-driven apple breeding in the Annapolis Valley

Keynote Speaker: Jim Willwerth Ph.D. - Senior Staff Scientist (CCOVI) - Protecting vineyards using large data sets:  VineAlert and monitoring cold tolerance in grapevines

Panel Discussion: How can an investment in data analytics benefit this sector?

What is AIDA? The goals of the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics are to foster collaboration and the sharing of data analytics methods, technologies, and ethical practices among its stakeholders, which include academic researchers, teachers, associations, companies, government departments, etc. here in the Annapolis Valley. AIDA plans to foster communications and collaboration among members; communicate and coordinate relevant meetings and other events; and make connections with other data analytics organizations.

What is Data Analytics? Data analytics covers a broad spectrum, including data management, mathematical, statistical, and machine learning methods for data modeling, and techniques for data visualization in support of enterprise-wide decision making. This emerging field is being driven by the unprecedented amount of data now available to organizations. With the emergence of “Big Data”, there is a pressing need for professionals with strong quantitative skills and an understanding of how analytics can be applied with speed and accuracy to the critical decisions facing organizations.

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