Big Data Analytics for Risk Engineering

September 26, 2014 (2:30 pm - 4:00 pm)

Who:  Oliver Baltzer, Co-Founder & CTO, Scott MacDonald, Senior Software Architect & Duane Wilson, Senior Econometrician of Analyze Re Inc.

Where: KCIC Auditorium, Acadia University

When: September 26th, 2014 from 2:30PM-4:00PM


Title: Big Data Analytics for Risk Engineering

Abstract: Risk Engineering is the discipline of utilizing predictive analytics and real-time market data to design portfolios of risk that target specific economic goals while satisfying regulatory, market, and other constraints. Risk Engineering is used by insurance and reinsurance companies as part of their strategic planning and execution. Analytical processes around Risk Engineering are data-driven and computationally intensive. Analyze Re provides Software-as-a-Service solutions for Risk Engineering to the insurance and reinsurance industry. This talk provides an overview of the computational challenges that are involved in Risk Engineering applications and discusses how some of them are being solved with today's technologies.


Oliver Baltzer is a technology generalist with more than two decades of experience in software development and 12+ years of building scientific and parallel applications. As Chief Technology Officer, Oliver is leading Analyze Re's innovative product vision and R&D strategies. Prior to co-founding Analyze Re he was Chief Architect for Computational Analytics at Flagstone Reinsurance, where he has led the design and implementation of leading-edge catastrophe modeling software, risk analytics and pricing platforms with great success and impact to the business. Oliver holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Dalhousie University and Master's degrees in High-Performance Computing from University of Reading and Computer Engineering from HTW Berlin. His main areas of interest are high-performance computing, scalable distributed systems and risk engineering applications.

Duane Wilson, Senior Econometrician at Analyze Re Inc.,

Duane Wilson leads the Research and Development team at Analyze Re in identifying and researching topics in which the reinsurance industry can benefit from robust analytical techniques and leverage big data. Prior to Analyze, Duane Wilson worked in the Dalhousie Risk Analytics Lab and at Flagstone Re in Research and Development and Portfolio Analytics. In these roles he was responsible for various macro-level analytical analyses used in company planning, disaster and claims response and forward looking research. Duane has over 7 years of experience in analytics in the reinsurance industry and additional experience in applied data analytics. Duane has a Masters of Economics from Dalhousie University.

Scott MacDonald, Senior Software Architect at Analyze Re Inc.,

Scott MacDonald leads the technical team at Analyze Re in the design and implementation of an integrated risk engineering platform which enables companies to achieve greater efficiency in capital deployment and underwriting performance. Prior to Analyze Re, Scott worked closely with members of the scientific staff at Flagstone Re including meteorologists and earthquake scientists.  As part of that team he developed three earthquake models, two wind storm models and a global wind storm platform capable of modelling cyclonic wind storms in six regions of the world. Scott has more than 18 years of experience building highly scalable, real time software applications and platforms, including 7 years in the reinsurance industry.  Scott has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree ('97) from Acadia University.


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