AIDA is looking for a Business/Data Analyst starting September 2017! The Business/Data Analyst will provide business/problem analysis and technical and administrative support to the Director for AIDA for projects, events and communications. S/he will have an educational background in business administration, mathematics, and computer science with courses in data mining and data visualization. S/he must be familiar with machine learning software, data mining and visualization tools and methods, and be able to bring various tools to bare for collecting and preparing data and communicating discovered knowledge.

Specifically, s/he will be responsible for providing and honing his/her skills in the following:

  • Problem analysis of business/organizational situations leading to data analytics projects
  • Assistance with potential new project investigation and information survey
  • Assistance on all phases of data mining projects
  • Software development and testing of machine learning / data mining methods
  • Administrative and technical assistance for setup of AIDA events (workshops, tutorials)
  • Surveys of best practices on applied Data Analytics
  • Administration of website, social media presence, and mailing list
  • Track finances and expenses, manage budget projections
  • Work on applications for grants and funding with the Director
  • Develop and give talks on AIDA, analytics, and machine learning for all age groups
  • Coordinate and attend meetings on AIDA development and enhancement
  • Network with academics and industry leaders to expand AIDA’s reach and spread knowledge about DA.

The Business/Data Analyst must have strong written and oral communication skills and be comfortable using modern digital, web and telephone technologies in achieving the above outcomes.This position will provide valuable work experience with transferable skills in the growing field of Data Analytics in Nova Scotia. Data Analytics, a sub-area of ICT is a priority sector for Nova Scotia and Canada.

Please contact Christian Frey at or call 1-902-585-1777 for more information about this opportunity or to apply. This position and pay is dependent on funding.


Venor is looking for a Deep Learning Engineer and Computer Vision Scientist. If that sounds like you, check out the links below. 

An excerpt of the Deep Learning Engineer offering:

As the ideal candidate, you possess a MS or PhD degree in computer science with a background in probability theory and statistics. You have a strong understanding of deep learning approaches and models including convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent networks and region proposal networks. You have experience applying deep learning techniques to image tasks such as classification, detection, localization and segmentation. You are comfortable with deep learning libraries such as Tensorflow or Caffe and have experience developing GPU or working with CUDA.

An excerpt of the Computer Vision Scientist offering: 

As the ideal candidate, you possess a MS or PhD degree in computer science, graduate research and internship experience in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and/or Image Understanding is preferred. You possess a strong understanding of image processing algorithms and techniques with a background in probability theory and statistics. You are comfortable with deep learning models and have a track record of using ML frameworks (TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano). You are familiar with CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenCV and possess solid programming skills in C++ and/or Python.

If you are an employer in Nova Scotia and are looking for a someone in data analytics, send us an e-mail at and we can post it in this section.